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Dr. Siddharth Aggarwal’s Speciality In ACL Surgery And Sports Medicine

Dr. Siddharth Aggarwal is the industry’s most demanded ACL surgeon in Chandigarh, with extensive years of specialisation in sports medicine and ACL surgery. His Excellency in the field of Arthroscopic treatment has been a case study for several students. Dr. Siddharth is also a prolific part of the Asia Pacific Orthopaedic association with his immense contribution to the field. His expansive 15 years of practice in sports medicine also makes him the most reliable consultant for sports injury treatment.


After his contribution to several medical organisations, Siddharth now serves patients at his own Arthroscopic assistance clinic. Being a specialist and advisor in several universities, he performs every arthroscopic ACL surgery with a competing painless approach. Dr. Siddharth has worked with several sports personalities and offered complete elimination of pain and soreness. As the most trusted ACL doctor in Chandigarh, Dr. Siddharth performs all routine Arthroscopic treatments that include ACL and PCL reconstruction, meniscectomy, arthroscopic ACL knee surgery, and a lot more.

Why and When ACL Surgery is obligatory?

The ACL, which is also known as the anterior cruciate ligament, is a classification of ligament present in your knee that plays a significant role. It has robust and fibrous connecting tissues that aid humans in bringing stability to their knees. Your knee junction has several ligaments that connect and holds your knee.

These ligaments encompass your shinbone, thigh bone, and knee cap together. When your upper body has to bear any load, then the whole strain comes to the knee. This is a routine in several people who are indulged in intense physical activity. Sportspersons are the most common victim of the strain. This strain in the later stage creates ACL injury.

When you suffer from an ACL injury, you will feel pain in your knee while walking or doing any physical activity. In such cases, depending on the intensity of your ACL injury, the doctor advises you for ACL surgery. If your anterior cruciate ligament is damaged, then your ligaments would get replaced/reconstructed by the doctors.


The Different Types Of ACL Injury

The most result-driven approach to healing your ACL injury is by obtaining several reconstructive surgeries. With the help of these replacing surgeries, the doctors will replace your damaged tissues with a connective tissue graft. After the surgery, the recovery will take a mere amount of time to completely heal you. There are several types of replacement surgery that an orthopaedician suggests to you. Here are some impeccable procedures that the doctors use to replace your damaged tissue.


Allograft Reconstruction

This surgery is performed by implementing a tendon source from the tissue bank. The surgery is marked as one of the most painless surgeries for ACL reconstruction, as it includes only a single incision. However, there is a maximum chance of infection because it comes from the tissue bank.

Artificial Graft And Xenograft Replacement

The artificial graft is a surgical procedure that utilises synthetic issues for damaged tissue replacement, and in the Xenograft, the tissue comes from an animal. However, both of these procedures are not usually recommended by the doctors, as it has a higher risk of infection.


How Is ACL Replacement Surgery Performed?

In almost all ACL injury cases, the doctors don’t usually recommend the surgery at the initial stage, as long as it is critical. First, the doctors will suggest you for 4-5 weeks of physical therapy before undergoing surgery. The most vital reason why doctors recommend pre-surgery therapy is to ensure that your knee doesn’t become immobile during or post your surgery. This is essential as, after the surgery, the patient will require some time to start a full-swing motion of the knee. This is all about ACL treatment; rest leave on Dr. Siddharth Aggarwal, as he offers you the best treatment.