Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment

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The rotator cuff comprises muscles and tendons and is one of the most vital parts of the shoulder. The rotator cuff allows a person to lift their arms to reach up. Rotator cuff conditions are very common, and people recover with physical therapy and rest. Some severe rotator cuff injuries need proper surgical repair. Rotator cuff tears affect people irrespective of age, in fact, it is so common that many people don't even realize that they have one because it has no specific symptoms. 

If a rotator cuff tear or injury is not treated on time, it can severely limit the shoulder's ability to move and function, and tear production may also rise with time. As a result, many people with partial injury may develop full tears as well. Your rotator cuff injury may need surgery. Still, it is not true, as mild rotator cuff tears or injuries can be treated non-surgically with the help of medications, steroid injections, or physical therapy. For some severe tears of sportspersons, surgery is often recommended. A partial or complete tear is generally treated by arthroscopic surgery; in some cases, open surgery may be needed for large, complicated injuries. 

For Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment in Chandigarh, you must schedule your appointment with Dr. Siddharth Aggarwal, one of the best orthopedic doctors and surgeons. 

What are Common Rotator Cuff Injuries? 

Rotator Cuff muscles are vital movers of the shoulder joints; these incorporate muscles and tendons that potentially hold the shoulder in place. Rotator cuff injuries take many forms, but the most common is shoulder pain, especially during the movement of arms overhead. A rotator cuff injury could be caused by age, overuse, or impact injury. 

It can also be due to lifting a heavy weight or falling on the shoulder. You may feel immediate weakness and pain. Some common rotator cuff injuries include:

  • Rotator cuff tendonitis 

It is inflammation in the tendons and cuff muscles that assist in moving your shoulder joints. Thus, injury occurs when people keep their shoulder in a single position for a prolonged period.

  • Rotator cuff strain or tear 

It is a rotator cuff tear or strain, which can be partial or complete. When one tendon is damaged,it is called a partial tear whereas when the tendon is pulled completely off the bone, it is known as complete tear. 

Rotator cuff injury can range from simple inflammation to muscle tears, also known as rotator cuff syndrome and shoulder impingement syndrome. Rotator cuff pain is one of the most common shoulder issues in adults, and if you experience any kind and level of shoulder pain that limits you from doing your daily activities, make an appointment with the best shoulder specialist. 

He can help you identify the main cause of your pain and help you heal and strengthen your shoulder. If you are seeking the Best Rotator Cuff Surgeon in Chandigarh, consult Dr. Siddharth Aggarwal, one of the best orthopedic surgeons offering various treatment options. He has specialized knowledge in sports injuries and arthroscopic surgeries of the knee, shoulder, and ankle. 

He has many years of experience in offering treatment for various trauma and joint replacement problems. 

When to see an Orthopedic Doctor for Rotator Cuff Injury? 

If you have a rotator cuff injury that continues on your shoulder, it can lead to more damage. You must see your doctor when you experience pain in your arm and shoulder. There are many causes of shoulder pain. The doctor will ask you about your symptoms and may ask you to do certain arm and shoulder movements if they cause any pain and discomfort. 

Some common rotator cuff injury symptoms that you should notice are : 

  • Difficulty, weakness, or pain while lowering, rotating, and raising your arm.
  • You feel clicking, popping, or crackling sounds while moving your arm.
  • Shoulder pain that worsens at night or while resting your arm.
  • Struggling to lift any item due to shoulder weakness.

A person may feel mild, dull pain in the shoulder or also may feel like they are stabbed with a knife. Also, sudden tears from accidents cause instant intense shoulder pain. It is best to consult the Best Rotator Cuff Surgeon in Chandigarh to get yourself treated immediately. 

Treatment of Rotator Cuff injuries in Chandigarh

There are many options for Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment in Chandigarh. Rotator cuff tears need instant treatment, and the experienced doctor in Chandigarh offers both non-surgical and surgical treatment options. When the doctor has diagnosed the severity of the rotator cuff tear, they will guide you with the right combination of treatments, including: 

  • Physical therapy 
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Light movement exercises for safe rehabilitation of shoulders 
  • Steroid injections
  • Surgery 

Rotator Cuff Tear Treatment in Chandigarh

It ranges from resting the affected arm to surgery, as listed above. Tendinitis is a condition that can progress, and injury can get worse with time. Seeking treatment is necessary to keep the injury from progressing and worsening. There are many non-surgical treatment options from which about 80 percent of patients recover: 

  • Application of hot or cold packs on the shoulder to reduce swelling
  • Exercises to restore the range of motion
  • Physical therapy
  • Injecting the affected area with a steroid to reduce inflammation
  • Resting affected shoulder and arm
  • Over-the-counter medications

Complications of Rotator Cuff Injury 

The common complication is the tear of the rotator cuff after healing, and the larger the tear, the more there is a chance for it to retear. There are conditions in which injury requires surgical repair. Some severe complications include : 

  • Frozen shoulder 
  • Loss of motion
  • Permanent stiffness
  • Reduction in cuff strength.

Why choose Dr. Siddharth Aggarwal in Chandigarh?

A strong rotator cuff enables easy arm movements , however it is prone to damage or tear owing to exertion, age related decay or accidental trauma. Such injuries can be treated effectively with the help of experienced doctors. When you consult the right doctor immediately after the pain is felt, then there are chances that you can prevent surgery. The best Rotator Cuff Doctor in Chandigarh recommends rest, ice, and physical therapy to repair rotator cuff damage. 

If the pain or injury is severe, you may require rotator cuff tear surgery in chandigarh. If you are seeking the best surgeon for Rotator Cuff Tear Surgery in Chandigarh, consult Dr. Siddharth Aggarwal, one of the best orthopedic doctors and surgeons specializing in sports injuries and arthroscopic surgeries of shoulder, knee and ankle. 

Dr. Siddharth Aggarwal is a well-known arthroscopy and sports surgeon who specializes in arthroscopy surgeries comrosing meniscal repairs, ACL & PCL reconstructions and cartilage surgeries of the knee. He has many years of experience in arthroscopic shoulder reconstructions, including bank arts repair and rotator cuff repairs.